League of Legends Project L fighting game will be free-to-play with monetization

Shaun M Jooste


This isn’t Riot’s first adventure with free-to-play games, as fans of League of Legends and Valorant will know. The upcoming 2D fighting game from the LoL universe, Project L, will also cost you nothing unless, of course, you buy in-game items. As an exciting update, the champion Illaoi will be one of the selectable characters.

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The news follows an update by the developer and publisher, Riot Games. The plan was always to keep the game free while allowing players to buy extra items if they wish. Tom Cannon, the executive producer for Project L, says that they’ll be considerate when asking for your money. They want to ensure that the main focus is on the game and not profits. 

League of Legends Project L fighting game will be free-to-play with monetization

As for the champion Illaoi, a recent blog post shows the lengthy process when deciding on and developing a character for Project L. Once the team has decided which character to work on next from the roster of fighters, there’s a lot to be done. Team meetings are abundant, tasks are handed out in quick succession, and there’s loads of project management happening between various disciplines. 

It’s impressive to see how much thinking goes into a champion like Illaoi for the Project L fighting game. Some of the factors include themes, archetypes, fight fantasy, race, personality, and more. That means we’re bound to receive more lore and origin stories for the characters than we currently see in League of Legends.

League of Legends Project L fighting game

It’s almost as exciting as when League of Legends: Wild Rift introduced new champions and content last month. If the development blog is anything to go by, Project L is bound to be one fantastic 2D fantasy fighting game.

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